london kills me

London Kills Me
Hampstead Heath, Henry Moore Sculpture
Greene & Co. Clerkenwell by Jane Young

London Kills Me

Nicholas Darrieulat, a former student at Central St Martins, and Jane Young, historian and artist, are the design duo behind the interior and textile company, London Kills Me.

The unique brand takes inspiration from London’s vast history and urban landscape to produce screen prints, textiles and various types of intricate design work. Every piece is created in-house using natural and reclaimed materials for interior, textiles, fashion, art prints and one-off pieces.

Jane Young is also an expert on the history of Clerkenwell and regularly hosts walking tours, offering her historical insight into the area. From its gin lanes to coffee houses, Jane celebrates the vibrant history of the city in an informative yet fun manner.

Urban Spaces have partnered with London Kills Me to continue this celebration. Together, we will create our ‘Portal to the Urban Gin Garden’ for Clerkenwell Design Week Fringe Festival.

For more information about the event and to register for a workshop, click here